Allright…I am about to start my blog finally

Some recent tweets..follow me at your own risk at my twitter page —

  • I am falling in love with miRNA’s even though they are regulators 🙂
  • ever wonder what SNPs exist in different gnomes, goblins and elfs
  • I have been thinking of where to expand from genomics, proteomics and all that is omics…. anyone thought of “comics for omics”
  • ok I am nuts about genomics… therefore we can work with those nutty companies recalling products….their expression may say a lot more.
  • Pharma’s state of mind: mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta, xona, weka, vunda,uda,treda,sorta,rinta, quexa,pepta,ocha,nena,minga,luma
  • loves the “depression deals”….we can help depress the costs of creating those drugs with our CNS experience
  • Am wondering why the cosmetic industry isnt doing much genomics work. My “make up” should be mine right?
  • Mega mergers for Pharma, mini money for Biotech… what an interesting world we are headed towards …Hopefully Mega money 🙂 Excited about prospects of genomics in Stem cell R&D. May the funding begin……

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