Happy 2011
We’re a decade old company called Ocimum
Also known to many by our subsidiary Gene Logic
Our foundation is essentially in Bioinformatics
We are a one-stop solution for all questions Genomic
Our range of research services include discovery of Biomarkers
All of it easily accessed on our proprietary platform – RaaS*

Many asked, what exactly is this RaaS?
How does this puzzle fit in for Ocimum?
How have you built capability for Biomarkers?
What use are the clinical samples and databases developed at Gene Logic?
Can it deliver on the promises of Genomics?
And what is the value of basing this on Bioinformatics?

We are a CRO** with core strength in Bioinformatics
We are differentiated by a collaborative environment using Biotracker™*** called RaaS
That offers an integrated mix of all services Genomics
On this model was built the global company called Ocimum
With a US base known as Gene Logic
Indeed, today we’re a preferred partner for discovering Biomarkers

Personalized Medicine is founded on Biomarkers
Our deep rooted expertise in Bioinformatics
Combined with databases like BioExpress® and Ascenta® from Gene Logic
Accessed on the collaborative platform RaaS
Provide for the strong biomarker capability at Ocimum
Thus enabling transformative Genomics

Personalized medicine requires investment in Genomics
And we do just that to help develop Biomarkers
This is the business we’ve created at Ocimum
With our strong foundation in Bioinformatics
Biobanking, databases, services and collaborations in
And the valuable experience of Gene Logic

15 years of pioneering work from Gene Logic
And deep rooted IP in Genomics
All served on a neat platter called RaaS
Vouch for our competence in Biomarkers
Naturally, Biospectrum ranked Ocimum the best in Bioinformatics
We are truly on the way to becoming Awesome Ocimum

*Raas- Research as a Service
**CRO – Contract Research Organization
***Biotracker™- A Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Happy 2011

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