About a decade or so ago, all we ever wanted was an efficient way to manage our lab processes without paper and without compromising on quality or on the time taken to work on a specific step. And so began our quest for a LIMS in the marketplace. For some strange reason, we found LIMS those days meant a rigid QC software with a flavor of accounting and finance and it couldn’t really comprehend the complexities of a evolving field like genomics.

We decided to understand these lab processes from the basics, so we tore apart the complex world of the lab and understood it from its basic elements. Once we got that part right, rest was a matter of modeling, making and monitoring what we were doing. Our first baby LIMS was born in 2002 and we were proud of it. As the years went past, we found ourselves evolving this product into a fantastic LIMS product which had project management, sample management, workflow management with the visuals that were appealing and engaging . We were actually helping the researchers fall in love with the product by responding to their needs while taking care that our architecture wasn’t compromised.

Years went by, our partners continued to give us feedback, and we listened, we brainstormed and Biotracker evolved, but we wanted it to do more. We not only wanted this to be a product, we wanted to part of the web 2.0 transformation that was taking place and we decided to go the SaaS route.

And a SaaS route we took and not purely for a LIMS product but we wanted Biotracker to power everything that we do showcasing the immense power that technology can bring to transform the way research in genomics was done.

The vast power of collaboration over a technology platform can be very promising and even more when we could become a nodal point for this collaboration.

The clinical samples that are so high in demand these days are found all over the world including us. With a rich biorepository of clinical samples with annotated gene expression profiles, this SaaS LIMS can really make these accessible worldwide.

Beyond the lure of the clinical samples lies the reliability in finding their samples easily, managing processes efficiently and making sure that these vast numbers of samples don’t just lie in their little compartments making them hard to find.  This slick interface allowed our partners to be compliant with the regulations, made it easy for them to find what they were looking for and they actually saved a large chunk of their budget.

….. and a meeting calls me so will reminisce again when I get some time. Till then read our marketing material at http://www.ocimumbio.com/lims2/

The Biotracker™ for Biobanking solution allows your organization to collect, store, process and distribute biological materials in your BioRepository as well as associate the critical demographic data, clinical data, and biomarkers to these biospecimens. Within its BioRepository solution, Biotracker™ maintains the biospecimen genealogy with the ability to provide workflows for macromolecule DNA/RNA extractions. In general, these “biological materials” are human biospecimens – such as tissue or blood and the “Meta data” is the clinical information pertaining to the donor of that particular biospecimen. Hence, in a HIPAA compliant way, the ability to annotate biospecimens with diagnosis, stage, patient demographics, etc. is built-in.

And this is the LIMS we talk about, talk about, this is the LIMS we talk about

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