–anu acharya
What had captured my attention,
was a laser microdissection.
I was going through our labs one day,
I saw a picture that blew me away.
A single cell was captured by by the scope,
of a medically relevant disease I was told.
They did a lot of quality control,
and found the cell types they could enrol.
they checked for issues that were critical,
but the entire process seemed quite magical.
I went away to take a stroll,
but oh! the stories I was told.
while they prepared the slides in a room,
they  fixed, strained and dehydrated so soon.
It was then they moved it under the beam,
the Pulsed nitrogen UV-A laser had a lot of steam.
it made the ablation of unwanted cells feasible,
and precise excision wasn’t now impossible.
Catapulted and collected well,
they identified and marked each cell.
they harvested the cells I heard,
and then the “after” image was captured like a bird.
the process and everything I saw made me marvel,
at images spread like beautiful italian marble.
and what had captured my attention,
was a laser microdissection.

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