-anu acharya
TB spreads all around, without a concern to be found.
Detection needs to be sound, and our spoligotyping kits are around.
DNA polymorphism on a chromosomal locus is what is the basis.
of the kit in which the miniblotter forms the chassis.
Hermans et. al first discovered the locus as is.
and sequenced this region in Mycobacterium bovis BCG  that is.
and the direct repeat region with just several bases.
with typically one but sometimes two spacers.

one detects the presence of spacers of sequences that are known.
amplifying the DR region by PCR is the next that is not forlorn.
PCR products are hybridized perpendicular to the oligolines.
after hybridization the membrane is incubated that binds.

Detection of hybridization signals is optimized and again.
detected by autoradiography of the membrane.
they call this the reverse line blot.
it helps to  analyze a variety of clinical isolates a lot.
so if you are doing some research on TB you know.
there is a company called Ocimum where you go.
we make the kits and have done this many times.
and not just the kits but poems that rhyme 🙂

For ordering these kits or just for finding out some more about them, visit us at http://www3.ocimumbio.com/laboratory-sample-data-management/research-consumables/spoligotyping-kits/


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