– anu acharya

It isn’t part of everyone’s life,
that one gets awarded the Nobel prize twice. 

It was in 1951 and interestingly in bovine insulin,
he found complete amino acid sequence as his first major win.

When the world thought of proteins being amorphous then,
Fred Sanger said that they have a defined composition.

The two polypeptides had a precise amino acid sequence,
Implied that each protein had a unique sequence.

And surely it was a moment in history,
In 1958 he was awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry.

He moved then to sequencing RNA,
With some success he soon moved to DNA.

He looked at different ways of using DNA polymerase,
A “Plus and minus” procedure to sequence nucleotides was phrased.

They sequenced most of the 5,386 nucleotides of the single-stranded bacteriophage,
The first fully sequenced DNA based genome they found using their own very ways.

They discovered that the coding regions of some genes overlapped with each other,
It seemed like they had started a chain reaction for DNA technology forever

It was then in 1977 that they termed which was really very cool,
“dideoxy” chain-termination method for sequencing DNA molecules.

Also known to the world as the Sanger method,
a major breakthrough for the DNA world.

1980, a second Nobel prize was due,
It was after this that DNA technology grew,

I pay my regards like many others do,
Our world may have been different were it not for you!

This is the first part of the tribute to some sequencing gurus. 

A tribute to Frederick Sanger whose pioneering work has been an inspiration for many.


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