anu acharya

A tiny little RNA strand,
22 bases long it stands,
Yet it has the power to regulate,
Gene expression in our body, it can stimulate.
Understanding this microRNA at biology’s critical junction,
May be the key to understanding how everything functions,
It binds to complementary sequences on target messenger RNA,
Resulting in translational repression and gene silencing they say.
They bind in strange ways for plant and animals,
Perfect in plants yet confused in animals,
Multiple sites on one MRNA,
Or on many different MRNA’s,
One day we may figure out why,
They choose it this way.
 It wasn’t long ago when MicroRNA’s were discovered,
It may be relevant in therapeutics is now uncovered,
Studies are going on at an explosive rate,
One hopes they may open up a new knowledge gate
This tiny little RNA strand,
Is now so much in demand,
We are all trying to understand,
What happens when it waves its magic wand.
If you wish to understand more about our microRNA services, please see

One response to “a tiny little RNA strand”

  1. Amit Rai

    nice mam, keep it up.


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