-anu acharya ( 2009)


When LIMS was a desire,
Cat brought in was a cheshire,
Who recommended a sapphire,
Situation turned a dire,


When Implementation was to transpire,
It went totally haywire,
The team was under gunfire,
It was starting to backfire,


Soon a priest in attire,
Recommended something higher,
To get out of the quagmire,
They had to soon rewire,


Biotracker™ had the fire,
A diamond that they require,
People did admire,
And it spread across the empire

I had written these few lines based on customer feedback a while ago. Now that I have a real blog, thought would revisit it. I will write the part 2 of this fairly soon.

In case you were wondering what this was all about, please visit our LIMS page at http://www.ocimumbio.com/lims2/

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