-anu acharya

It was exactly 10 years ago

We had nothing more than a logo

we started our journey with a tiny team

human capital that could execute a big dream


And along the way

There were Lessons we learnt

Several Fingers that we burnt

And we had our share of luck

From innovations to making our buck


The best part about this ride

Are the products made with pride

and  the services we provide

Working with partners across the globe

with tissues, blood and microbes

And we continued on this track

Acquisitions globally as part of our pack

With storage, services, informatics using SaaS

We stitched them together into what we call RaaS


The previous decade taught many things

It’s time for us to do the really big things

With ten behind us, we are ready for more

So we are fully charged and ready to go


Centennial Son



Personally I am celebrating this occasion by fasting for Anna Hazare to support his drive for the Anti corruption bill.


One response to “Ocimum Turns 10”

  1. Incredible achievement in such a short time! Wish I had the guts to take on an entrepreneurial challenge!!


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