Wishing you a wonderful 2012

Of Research as a Service (RaaS) doth our background beckons,

And yet methinks we understand what  value it reckons,

Two O’ eleven was a tough year yet some,

Of awards, and recognition and all that could in a lifetime come.


But not to tell of good or evil luck,

That joys of serving customers  can completely overcome,

Nor can we fortune to brief minutes tell,

Of when the economy and the markets fell.


BioIT, Consulting and Diagnostics ramped up really well,

And while in research services we saw a dive,

Eventually research services and informatics shall together as RaaS thrive,

And amazing results our partners shall derive.


And if to a world of RaaS, thou shall convert this coming year,

Value thou shall find in doing research year after year,

Services, informatics and infrastructure in the cloud,

The message is value, clear and loud.


2011 was a  year with  the good, bad and all the grind,

Yet we say with confidence that in 2012 value we shall find,

While 2011 was the most interesting year to date,

I  wish that two o’ twelve for you is simply great.

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  1. With sincere apologies to Shakespeare……….


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