You can strut, you’ve got the springs,
We”ll serve you JAVA, if you’ve got the swings.

Don’t be RESTful, don’t just hibernate,
We”ll give you SOAP, if you got those things.

5 responses to “Don’t just hibernate”

  1. Calling all those cool developers for our new SaaS LIMS and Biotracker NX


  2. good one, developers work is like a playing game,…
    and it tells, how you used to win Antakshari,..:-)


  3. Developing a brilliant software like Biotracker needs a mix of technology and creativity… like you do


  4. John Jones has an exciting forum on linkedin

    In response to this thread…

    Beatles or peoples?
    I am looking for the thread not needles
    Oracle may provide a framework,
    Ocimum stands out for the teamwork,
    And products like Biotracker I say,
    Will always be here to stay.


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