Heapful of Contiguous images

Heapful of Contiguous images

-anu acharya

I sorted in rapid succession,

A heapful of contiguous images,

Through growth and recession,

Nations of cities, towns and villages.

And I asked to myself about these nations,

Was there a pattern to this creation?

Perhaps not..I thought and moved to third person

I hope that I am thinking this through, thought and reason.

Asks the impossible to the possible

What makes you stop dreaming?

When you look at India think again

Even stagnation starts a streaming

Poverty, malaise and corruption,

Though may seem to be a rife,

Reality is not in the current stagnation,

But to think of opportunities in life.

The wealth of nations is but a concept,

That makes one stop and think,

We are a network of cities or people,

That can grow together or shrink.

And there came a need, to grow indeed ,

A move from rural to urban,

it’s not just greed, but people to feed

Traversing from Delhi to Durban.

To understand a country’s pathology,

Was a need to look at mythology,

The gods we created it seems,

Were but a reflection of our dreams.

And we heard that in an emerging nation,

Regardless of the team,

Ridiculous to believe that recession and stagnation,

Is but a bad dream.

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