Elementary my dear Watson………ELIMSentary — ( Inside the world of ELN + LIMS of Biotracker)

September 18th 2012

Anu Acharya


Within the confines of a lab,

Where data comes and goes,

The need to document ain’t a fad,

esp when it comes to litigation woes,

Where one needs an ELN really bad.

So an ELN is a godsend,

To solve these deathly throes.


And so ELN’s with all their whims and more,

Were asked to show and tell,

Those details to you, I shall not bore,

There was one that caused a spell.

Dressed as a LIMS but when bare

And as far as they could tell.

Had the charm of an ELN and more

 With all the whistles and bells.


All features had access controls,

Within the flexibility of the workflow,

Integrating data from instrument console,

The technician began to glow.


The question on everyone’s mind,

Was about this impressive ELN find,

Combining features of every kind,

To reduce the everyday grind.


Sherlock steps into the game,

And quickly understood the same.

Words that he said in the past have remained

Elementary my dear Watson,,,, ELIMSentry

This is the new Biotracker LIMS + ELN,

That is delivered on the cloud,

A product that had you wowed,

So none other should be allowed.


And so the story goes……. Biotracker is now releasing soon as an ELN only and ELN+ LIMS. For more information please write to us at lims@ocimumbio.com

One response to “Elementary my dear Watson………ELIMSentary — ( Inside the world of ELN + LIMS of Biotracker)”

  1. Against that difficult time, if ever that time comes,
    When the rhyme on ELN ain’t viewed as an “Ad” will reflect,
    And to you, my customer, may check out our agile scrums ,
    Called to that audit that you shalt pass with respect;
    Against that time which thou shalt gracefully pass,
    And happily greet us without a shun, thine eye,
    When love, converted from the LIMS that was,
    Shall reasons find of settled gravity;

    It wasn’t just an “ad” , but multiply
    It ain’t no fad, but a reminder of available supply

    — with apologies to Shakespeare


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