I normally don’t write about personal stories here, but today is my mom’s birthday and I have been thinking about some recent incidents that my parents went through and I think it is our luck and their goodness over the years that has helped them through this.

About 3 days ago, my parents were travelling from Ajmer to Bikaner in their Maruti 800 and it was dark outside and the streets were not well lit. The driver was listening to songs on his headphone and did not hear them asking him to slow down. My dad as usual explained me all this using centripetal and centrifugal forces that swerved the car off the road and turned and threw them off the road. Luckily for them, after the twist, the car fell into some bushes reducing the impact of the fall. However they were not in a condition to open the car and their heartbeat went up significantly hoping for a miracle. The two motorcyclists that were behind them, stopped and realized that they needed more help.  They stopped an overcrowded bus and the driver and 20-30 people physically picked the car up and got my parents out safely. The driver then checked the condition of the car and advised them on taking it further. They stayed back in a hotel until another car arrived for them and took them safely back home.

My parents miraculously escaped being seriously hurt because of some strangers who were generous with their efforts and time and gracious to say that helping my parents them made them better human beings. I don’t know who they are and possibly never will, but I want to thank them for providing timely help and for helping me rebuild faith in the inherent power of goodness in people.

I salute humanity.


2 responses to “The power of goodness”

  1. Shocked to hear this di, hope they are both fit n fine.


  2. I have many such instances in life and am with you in my salutation too.
    Just Pay it Forward…


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