April 2nd 2013

The Master wasn’t teaching,
But the student was learning,
I was the observer I am told,
My confusion increased multifold.

There were patterns of organic energy,
Of quantum theory, particle physics, and relativity,
They danced in unison is the thought I hold,
But why is there no particular form for it to mould.

The Master walked in circles of four,
The student concentrated more than before,
It seemed like there wasn’t anything,
But he went straight to the core.

Knowledge is passé,
Imagination keeps the flow,
Can I influence my reality?
Or create it based on my ability ?

The master took a deep breath,
the student completes her quest,
The words stuck without any glue,
Reality is what we take to be true.

One response to “Reality is what we take to be true”

  1. Inspired by one of the books I read as a child, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav


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