anu acharya 

Jazz playing softly
On a sunny afternoon
Grounded instead being amongst clouds
Is it something interesting that it shrouds

A time to reflect
And think through life
Is there a meaning in my mission
Or just a journey in transition

As I saunter while I text
Thinking about goals we meet next
A new idea just fuelled my imagination
Simple yet strange multifold dimensions

Ideas- they come
Let them flow
Into a strange pyramid of light
That builds on knowledge that others often cite

I think about the goal
Like there is only one
Ideas have woven a web, so we are set
Out feet must play ball to reach our target

With so much tact
That we are not blind to facts
But resolve to our vision to impact
More than a million lives, we have a pact

One response to “Vision to Impact”

  1. Love the poem..specifically the last line!!


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