The power of one to many more

 You get a kit to find out if you were fit

Swipe, Seal, Shake and Send it

Arrives at the mapmygenome lab

Your dipped cotton swab

3.2 billion of your Basepairs intact

We then process your DNA extract

Genotype  markers in ACTG

Raw data are good, team shouts with glee

Its SnaPpy time, and probabilities calculated

Risk scores for 100s of conditions  validated

Genomepatri is prepared for you especially

Your DNA is unique like you – seriously

You chat with a genetic counselor  face to face or on skype

About your Genomepatri, family history and lifestyle without any hype

They prepare a recommendations report for you

With action items to follow for a “very healthy you”

You love the product and tell all your friends

A new kit to your friend- our team quickly sends

And  slowly by the power of one to many more

Personalized medicine can come to the fore!

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