Books that reference Ocimum Biosolutions and Gene Logic

When I did a search on and found that we have been covered in a large number of books, I thought this deserved a separate post by itself.




  1. Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories from Emerging … – Page 41
    Mauro F. Guillén – 2013 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions

    Ocimum’s Corporate Culture The Ocimum offices in Hyderabad are accessible by dark elevator in a rundown building. A friendly  “In the beginning, The New Ocimum Campus in Hyderabad, India Source: Ocimum Biosolutions. Ocimum B 




  1. The Game Changers: 20 Extraordinary Success Stories of …
    Yuvnesh Modi – 2012 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions

    Besides, biotechnology was an upcoming area and was hence less competitive. Back then, a search on Infoseek, a leading search engine, threw up just three entries for bioinformatics! Ocimum Biosolutions came into existence in the year 




1. Predictive Toxicology in Drug Safety – Page 287

Jinghai J. XuLaszlo Urban – 2010 – 400 pages – Preview

Examples Use primary rat hepatocytes to predict hepatotoxicity9 Gene expression from blood to predict liver toxicity15 DrugMatrix; 5 -day signatures predict 30-day nephrotoxicity10 Gene Logic ToxShield R&D won’t be felt until its wider 

2. A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology: Synthesis, … – Page 412

Alexa Traffic Rank for K Sharma, Ackmez Mudhoo, James H Clark – 2011 – 500 pages – Preview

 dyes and after purification were hybridized on a slide microarray housing 200 gene spots (Ocimum Biosolutions, India). After washing, the slide arrays were scanned (TECAN, Switzerland) and data were analysed using ArrayPro software.




1. Infectious Disease Informatics – Page 127

Vitali Sintchenko – 2010 – 434 pages – Preview

Companies, such as BG Medicine (formerly Beyond Genomics), Biosystemix (resurrected from Molecular Mining), and Gene Logic (a spin-off into Ocimum Biosolutions), further use even more sophisticated algorithms to find biomarkers and ..




1. From innovation to cash flows: value creation by structuring high … – Page 197

Constance Lütolf-CarrollAntti Pirnes – 2009 – 618 pages – Preview

Ocimum Biosolutions of Hyderabad, India, operates in the research information services market. It is a specialist in bioinformatics.28 Ocimum Biosolutionsprovides customers with access to its biological reference databases; furthermore

2.Venture capital financing for biotechnology – Page 36

Ram Kumar Mishra – Preview

 Technologies Spectra Mind Genequest Biogen Technologies Mahendra British Telecom Nicholas Piramal Syngene International Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd. Contract research, Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Contract research Contract research, 

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3.Microarray innovations: technology and experimentation

Gary Hardiman– 2009 – 314 pages – No preview

4. Drug Metabolism Handbook: Concepts and Applications – Page 75

Ala F. NassarPaul F. HollenbergJoAnn Scatina – 2009 – 1041 pages – Preview

Companies such as Gene Logic, in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, developed software and databases, which aimed to apply toxicity-based gene expression assessments to lead selection and optimization.

5.Molecular Plant Breeding – Page 567

Yunbi Xu – 2009 – 640 pages – Preview

For rice and maize, cross-database querying and display of text objects can be implemented using a web-based object- oriented query system called the OPM (Object-Protocol Model) data management tools of Gene Logic Inc. These tools are 

6.Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery: Emerging … – Page 138

Sean EkinsJinghai J. Xu – 2009 – 424 pages – Preview

 previously such as Ingenuity Pathway AnalysisTM (Ingenuity Inc), PathArtTM (Jubilant Biosys), Pathways StudioTM (Ariadne Inc), MetaCoreTM, MetaDrugTM (GeneGo Inc), ToxShield (Gene Logic), and ToxWiz (Cambridge Cell Networks).

7.Evaluation of Drug Candidates for Preclinical Development: … – Page 245

Chao HanCharles B. DavisBinghe Wang – 2009 – 289 pages – Preview

In lieu of such validation, transcriptional profiling of tissues from studies conducted in Discovery can provide a useful general biosensor for toxicity, and through reference to larger databases, such as those provided by Gene Logic 

8. Modern biotechnology: connecting innovations in microbiology and … – Page 9

Nathan S. MosierMichael R. Ladisch – 2009 – 433 pages – Preview

 parent of Swiss Drug Company Hoffmann-LaRoche buys Boehringer Mannheim for ∼$11 billion Proctor & Gamble signs $25 million agreement with Gene Logicto identify genes associated with onset and progression of heart failure Dupont

9. Molecular biology and biotechnology – Page 282

John M. WalkerRalph Rapley – 2009 – 604 pages – Preview

 collaboration AgroEvo Gene Logic Genomics for crops/crop protection Kimeragen Gene modification technology Lynx Therapeutics Genetics for crops/crop protection American Acacia Biosciences Compounds for agrochemicals Cyanamid AgriPro ..

10.Textbook of Personalized Medicine – Page 336

Kewal K. Jain – 2009 – 430 pages – Preview

 carriers Physicians in practice Patients Industry Procognia Abbott Laboratories Affymetrix Amgen AstraZeneca Cogenics/Clinical Data DNA PrintGenomics Exagen Diagnostics Feinstein Kean Healthcare Gene Logic Genentech Genomas Genomic 




1. Indian multinationals in the world economy: implications for … – Page 246

Jaya Prakash Pradhan – 2008 – 263 pages – Preview

 of the data Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd Olive Technology limited Olive e-Business Pvt. Ltd Olive e-Business Pvt. Ltd Olive e-Business Pvt. Ltd Olive e-Business Pvt. Ltd Ontrack Systems Ltd Ontrack Systems Ltd Ontrack Systems Ltd Ontrack 

2. Plunkett’s Biotech and Genetics Industry Almanac 2009 (E-Book): …

Jack W. Plunkett – 2008 – 601 pages – Preview

The firm changed its name in December 2007 to reflect its new identity following the sale of its genomics assets to Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd. for $10 million. Ore applies its experience in integrative pharmacology to identify potential 

3. Plant proteomics: technologies, strategies, and applications – Page 723

Ganesh Kumar AgrawalRandeep Rakwal – 2008 – 764 pages – Preview

Many leading biotechnology companies in India such as Biocon India, Nicholas Piramal, Ranbaxy, Astrazeneca, Ocimum Biosolutions, and DNA Research Centre are actively involved in bioinformatics, vaccine, and drug screening

4. Computational systems bioinformatics: methods and biomedical … – Page 90

Xiaobo ZhouStephen T. C. Wong – 2008 – 387 pages – Preview

 platforms evaluated are currently commercially available: Affymetrix, Agilent, Applied Biosystems (ABI), Amersham (now GE Healthcare), Compugen (now Sigma-Genosys), Mergen, MWG BioTech (now Ocimum Biosolutions), and Operon. ..

5.Biomedical informatics in translational research – Page 115

Hai HuRichard J. MuralMichael N. Liebman – 2008 – 264 pages – Preview

Table 7.1 Representative LIMS Vendors Vendor Affymetrix Agilent Technologies Applied Biosystems Bruker BioSpin Cimarron Software Genologics LabVantage Solutions LabWare Ocimum Biosolutions PerkinElmer Thermo Electron VelQuest Product 

6. Preclinical safety evaluation of biopharmaceuticals: a … – Page 202

Joy A. Cavagnaro – 2008 – 1033 pages – Preview

For example, the expression of EGF was assessed using the Gene Logic® Ascenta® database.  The data were collected by Gene Logic® using the Affymetrix® GeneChip® platform, where oligonucleotides spotted on a microarray probe the 

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7. Genomics and Pharmacogenomics in Anticancer Drug Development and … – Page 344

Federico Innocenti – 2008 – 377 pages – Preview

 Chemical Effects in Biological Systems ArrayTrack NCTR’s Center for Toxicoinformatics- ArrayTrack ToxExpress Gene Logic Inc.: ToxExpress Module PTS CuraGen Corporation: Predictive Toxicogenomic Screen GeneMatrix Iconix Biosciences, 

8.Novartis Foundation symposium: Volume 289 – Page 98

Derek ChadwickNovartis Foundation for Gerontological ResearchJamie Goode – 2008 – 248 pages – Preview

The way Gene Logic data are displayed by the computer is slightly misleading. What it shows are potential interacting partners rather than real ones. Akil: We didn’t rely on Ingenuity analyses for our selectio

9. Intellectual property and biotechnology: biological inventions – Page 200

Matthew Rimmer – 2008 – 377 pages – Preview

Subsequently, OncorMed was bought out by Gene Logic. Cancer Research Campaign Technology has continued to battle Myriad Genetics over the ownership of patents related to BRCA2.94 The charity has blocked a bid by Myriad Genetics to 

10. Maryland – Page 90

Leslie PietrzykLeslie RauthMartha Kneib – 2008 – 144 pages – Preview

Maryland also has more than three hundred bioscience firms, including Celera Genomics, Gene Logic, and Guilford Pharmaceuticals. Although it has diminished over time, a strong manufacturing base is still important to Maryland.

11. Biomarkers for psychiatric disorders – Page 415

Chris W. Turck – 2008 – 535 pages – Preview

Interestingly, Gene Logic has recently reported a microarray study on Affymetrix DNA chips conducted in blood from depressed patients treated with citalopram, where the relationship with treatment outcome was investigated. 

12. Data warehousing and mining: concepts, methodologies, tools, and …: Volume 3

John Wang– 2008 – 3719 pages – Snippet view

For example, the development of Gene Logic’s gene expression data management system (Ge- neLogic) has involved modeling and analyzing microarray data in the context of gene annotations (including sequence data from a variety of sources) 




1. Methods in Enzymology: Two-component signaling systems, Part B: Volume 423 – Page 523

Melvin I. Simon, Brian R. Crane, Alexandrine Crane – 2007 – 609 pages – Preview

 frames (ORFs) in the genomes of H. pylori 26695 and J99 (Euro- gentec), as well as a 50‐mer oligonucleotide‐based DNA microarray covering 98% of the coding regions of both genomes (Ocimum Biosolutions), are commercially available. 

2. Microarrays: Volume 2; Volume 382 – Page 6

Jang B. Rampal – 2007 – 450 pages – Preview

Currently, there are pre-made oligonucleotide sets and microarrays available for Xenopus (Operon,, zebrafish (Operon; Agilent,; Sigma-Genosys,; Ocimum Biosolutions,

3. Biotechnology, IPRs, and biodiversity – Page 42

Medury Bhaskara RaoManjula Guru – 2007 – 229 pages – Preview

It’s present research includes identification of lost as well as virus genes associated with HIV/ AIDS pathogenesis by selectively interfering with their functions using genotyping methods.31 Ocimum Biosolutions has developed .

4.Biomedical innovation in India: with a comparison to China and others – Page 5

Parthasarathi Banerjee – 2007 – 276 pages – Preview

Syngene; Dr. Anuradha Acharya, Ocimum Biosolutions; Dr. K. Ella, Bharat Biotech; Dr. V. Reddy, Shantha Biotech; Dr. J. Iqbal, DRL; Prof. Rajeev Sanghal, IIITH; Smt. D. Chattopadhyay, ICICI Knowledge Park, Hyderabad, amongst many others

5.Opportunities in Biotech Careers – Page 120

Sheldon S. Brown – 2007 – 182 pages – Preview

Accelrys Apple Ariadne Genomics Biobase Corporation Biomax Informatics AG BioMed Central Biosystems Informatics Institute ISMB 2006 MCBI MIT PressOcimum Biosolutions Orion Multisystems Oxford University Press Partek PubGene 

6.Functional protein microarrays in drug discovery

Paul F. Predki– 2007 – 453 pages – No preview

7.DNA microarrays: current applications – Page 83

Emanuele De RinaldisArmin Lahm – 2007 – 176 pages – Preview

A reference “compendium” of profiles as a resource for toxicity prediction has been collected by the company Iconix ( Such compendia have also been built by Gene Logic 

8. Fundamentals of Bioinformatics – Page 223

S. Harisha – 2007 – 250 pages – Preview

Proprietary databases: Fee-based, copyrighted databases (in contrast to public databases such as those atDDBJ/EMBL/GenBank) Examples include Incyte’s LifeSeq and Gene Logic’s Gene Express databases. Some databases charge subscription 

9.Validation of toxicogenomic technologies: a workshop summary – Page 26

National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Validation of Toxicogenomic Technologies: A Focus on Chemical Classification StrategiesNational Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Emerging Issues and Data on Environmental ContaminantsNational Research Council (U.S.). Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology – 2007 – 83 pages – Preview

Linking Gene-Expression Changes to Biologic Events Bill Mattes, of Gene Logic,” commented that it was necessary to 21 May 2005, Volume 2, No. 5 “Dr. Mattes is currently affiliated with the Critical Path Institute ..

10. Applications of toxicogenomic technologies to predictive …

National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Applications of Toxicogenomic Technologies to Predictive ToxicologyNational Academies Press (U.S.) – 2007 – 275 pages – No preview

11. The politics of life itself: biomedicine, power, and subjectivity … – Page 32

Nikolas S. Rose – 2007 – 350 pages – Preview

 in biotechnology, and devoted to patient support”), Gene Logic Inc. (“Discovery happens here”), (Celera Genomics (“Discovery can’t wait”), DeCode Genetics (“Decoding the language of life”), Genentec (“In business for life”). 




1. A functional competition policy for India – Page 278

Pradeep S. MehtaCUTS Centre for Competition, Investment & Economic Regulation (Jaipur, India) – 2006 – 294 pages – Preview

Hyderabad has promising players like Ocimum Biosolutions, Molecular Connections, Helix Genomics, Bijam Biosciences, GCV Biosciences, Caliber Technologies and Shakti Biosystems. In the North, companies like Mascon, LabVantage Solutions,

2. Business India: Issues 732-737

2006 – Snippet view

YbSHI SKl.Ocimum Biosolutions, Hyderabad Anuradha Acharya, after studying physics for five years at iit So Acharya, along with a friend, formedOcimum Biosolutions (Ocimum in layman’s terms means tulsi) in the US and then .

3.Biosafety and bioethics – Page 54

Rajmohan Joshi – 2006 – 271 pages – Preview

Elsewhere in the health biotechnology sector, a few companies also focus on bioinformatics, including Strand Genomics (Bangalore, India), Infosys (Bangalore, India), Tata Consultancy Services (Mumbai, India) and Ocimum Biosolutions .

4.Parliamentary debates: official report: Volume 209, Issues 1-3

India. Parliament. Rajya Sabha– 2006 – Snippet view

 Shri Vijaya Gimpex Mining Pvt. Ltd., Ocimum Biosolutions (India) U:d., Bharat Exporters, Ind-Andhra Agra Products Pvt. Ltd., Srini Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Albany Molecular Research Hyderabad Artemis Biotech Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

5. Beyond borders: the global biotechnology report

Ernst & Young– 2006 – Snippet view

Indian firms such as Strand Genomics, SciNova, Mascon, and Ocimum Biosolutions offer forward integration of IT systems in drug development, and also help implement clinical trial programs at lower costs with shorter timelines. 

6.In silico technologies in drug target identification and validation

Darryl LéonScott Markel– 2006 – 490 pages – No preview

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7.Processing and managing complex data for decision support – Page 405

Jérôme DarmontOmar Boussaïd – 2006 – 433 pages – Preview

platform independent (in JAVA) Genowiz Ocimum Biosolutions “… a powerful gene expression analysis program that has been designed to efficiently store, process and visualize gene expression data.” Acuity 3.0 Axon “Acuity® 3.0 is

8. Application of toxicogenomics to cross-species extrapolation – Page 10

National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Applications of Toxicogenomics to Cross-Species ExtrapolationNational Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Emerging Issues and Data on Environmental Contaminants – 2006 – 43 pages –Preview

Gene Logic is trying to use –omics to learn whether the pathologic observations are specific to the one laboratory  Gene Logic’s goal was to discover a mechanistic explanation for the species-specific toxicity observed in dogs to

9.Drug discovery and development: Volumes 1-2 – Page 89

Mukund S. Chorghade – 2006 – Preview

Curagen at; Gene Logic at; Genome Therapeutics Corp. at; Immunogenetics Database at; Signalling Pathway Database at .

10. Bioinformatics – Page 109

Suri – 2006 – 280 pages – Preview

Gene Logic uses a similar approach to commercialising bioinformatics. Transformation of Sequence Data into Information on Human Gene Variation: “Pharmacogenomics” generally refers to a particular application of genomic technologies in 

11. Encyclopedia of database technologies and applications – Page 31

Laura C. RiveroJorge H. DoornViviana E. Ferraggine – 2006 – 650 pages –Preview

For example, the development of Gene Logic’s gene expression data management system (GeneLogic) has involved modeling and analyzing microarray data in the context of gene annotations (including sequence data from a variety of sources),

12. Lead molecules from natural products: discovery and new trends – Page 28

Mahmud Tareq Hassan KhanArjumand Ather – 2006 – 430 pages – Preview

 Germany), Partek (St. Charles, MO), Rosetta Inpharmatics (Kirkland, WA), Silicon Genetics (Redwood City, CA), Gene Logic (Gaithersburg, MD), Tele- Chem International, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA).

13. The evolution of biotechnology: from Natufians to nanotechnology – Page 114

Martina McGloughlinEdward Re – 2006 – 262 pages – Preview

And in a litigious Congo line endemic of this hi-tech era Incyte countersued and for good measure also filed against genetic database competitor Gene Logic for infringing Incyte’s patents on database building. 

14.Trends and Research in Viral Hepatitis – Page 268

D. Raghunath – 2006 – 414 pages – Preview

Stage Human Efficacy Protease BI NS3/4 macrocvte Phase I yes (21og) Protease Gilead Protease GSK Protease Schering Protease Vertex Phase I Polvmerase Achillion non-N Polvmerase BI NS5b non-N Polvmerase Gene Logic non-N Polvmerase Gilead ..

15. In situ hybridization protocols – Page 257

Ian A. DarbyTim D. Hewitson – 2006 – 269 pages – Preview

Examples of databases frequently used include the Gene Logic® (Gaithersburg, MD) probearray database and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI, Bethesda, MD) serial analysis of gene expression




1. Fibrosis research: methods and protocols – Page 335

John VargaDavid BrennerSem Hin Phan – 2005 – 392 pages – Preview //av Web site http http http http http http http http http Silicon Genetics Biodiscovery Ocimum Biosolutions Rosetta Biosoftware Strand Genomics Company Spotfire Iobion Partek Genesifter

2. From DNA to diversity: molecular genetics and the evolution of … – Page 59

Sean B. CarrollJennifer K. GrenierScott D. Weatherbee – 2005 – 258 pages –Preview

 Gene logic The analysis of gene regulation in animal development has given rise to a number of terms to describe the nature of regulatory interactions. Because the concepts behind these terms are fundamental to understanding genetic

3. Kindling 6 – Page 319

Michael E. CorcoranSolomon L. Moshé – 2005 – 415 pages – Preview

Tissue from PHT responders and PHT nonresponders was sampled in our department, gene expression analysis using gene chips was performed by Gene Logic (Gaithersburg, USA), and data analysis and validation was performed by UCB Pharma. ..

4. Protein microarrays – Page 89

Mark Schena – 2005 – 469 pages – Preview

 packed beads106 and flowing the probe mixture through or over the substrate under applied pressure.107 Recently, microchannel plates were used as the substrate for the Flow-ThruTM chip61’62 from Gene Logic

5. Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology: Processing … – Page 560

Sumio Sakka – 2005 – Preview

The Flow-Thru ChipIM(Gene Logic, Gaithersburg, MD) is a porous microarray comprised of uniformly distributed vertical micro-channels to which oligonucleotide probes are tethered. Even though this technology is still at an early stage of

6. Kellogg on biotechnology: thriving through integration

Alicia LöfflerKellogg Center for Biotechnology– 2005 – 264 pages – Snippet view

Gene Logic incorporated in 1994 and commenced commercial operations through collaborative  By 2004, Gene Logic had almost 100 customers and 420 projects from government, universities, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.




1. Bioinformatics

Prof. Vinay Sharma– No preview

2. Analyzing microarray gene expression data – Page 27

Geoffrey J. McLachlanKim-Anh DoChristophe Ambroise – 2004 – 320 pages –Preview

Gene Logic, Inc. (Gaithersburg, Maryland) has created GeneExpress databases for specific research applications  Gene Logic demonstrated accurate applications of gene transcript expression profiling in hepatotoxicity analysis at a .

3. Toxicogenomics: principles and applications – Page 207

Hisham K. HamadehCynthia A. Afshari – 2004 – 361 pages – Preview

Biomarker discovery is being accelerated with the participation of commercial companies such as Gene Logic Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD; and Iconix Pharmaceuticals (Mountain View, CA; that are building ..

4.Biotech industry: a global, economic, and financing overview – Page 85

Bryan P. BergeronPaul Chan – 2004 – 362 pages – Preview

Gene Chip Companies Affymetrix, Inc. BioDiscovery, Inc. BioRobotics, Ltd. (UK) Clontech Gene Logic Genetic MicroSystems Genetix, UK Genomic Solutions Incyte, Palo Alto LION Bioscience AG (Germany) Molecular Dynamics Nuvelo, Inc. Packard 

5.Oncogenomics: molecular approaches to cancer – Page 125

Charles BrennerDavid Duggan – 2004 – 382 pages – Preview

 2001), and the 60000-gene U95 and 30000-gene U133 Affymetrix oligonucleotide chips with Uwe Scherf at Gene Logic, Inc. Versions of the first two used for our calculations are available at discover.nci.nih.go

6.Genomic Approaches to the Study of Breast Cancer: Volume 19 – Page 15

J. E. Geeen – 2004 – 91 pages – Preview

 Gene Logic. Inc. Versions of the first two data sets used in our analyses are currently available at The methods used for cDNA array profiling have been described in detail elsewhere [48.49]. ..

7. Rising tide: lessons from 165 years of brand building at Procter & … – Page 379

Davis DyerFrederick DalzellRowena Olegario – 2004 – 467 pages – Preview

The same year, Gene Logic, a leader in genomics research, and P&G formed a partnership to discover new targets for the development of drugs to treat congestive heart failure and osteoporosis. Finally, Procter & Gamble and Alexion




1. Analysing gene expression: a handbook of methods: possibilities …: Volume 1 – Page 529

Stefan LorkowskiDr. Paul Cullen – 2003 – 950 pages – Preview

READSä technology is provided by Gene Logic, Inc. (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) as a commercial service to analyse gene expression. 4.3.8 TOGA À Total gene expression analysis Introduction In the era of genomics, ..

2. The analysis of gene expression data: methods and software – Page 119

Giovanni Parmigiani – 2003 – 455 pages – Preview

Antonelhs. and Uwe Scherf from Gene Logic for providing some of the data: and last hut least to the H core for creating such a wonderful programing environment. The work for this hook was in part supported by the PGA U01 Hl.(i(i..

3. An introduction to toxicogenomics

Michael E. Burczynski – 2003 – 332 pages

4. Analysing gene expression: a handbook of methods: possibilities …: Volume 1 – Page 529

Stefan LorkowskiDr. Paul Cullen – 2003 – 950 pages – Preview

READSä technology is provided by Gene Logic, Inc. (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) as a commercial service to analyse gene expression. 4.3.8 TOGA À Total gene expression analysis Introduction In the era of genomics, ..

5.The analysis of gene expression data: methods and software – Page 119

Giovanni Parmigiani – 2003 – 455 pages – Preview

Antonelhs. and Uwe Scherf from Gene Logic for providing some of the data: and last hut least to the H core for creating such a wonderful programing environment. The work for this hook was in part supported by the PGA U01 Hl.(

6.Biochips: technology and applications – Page 87

Wan-Li XingJing Cheng – 2003 – 134 pages – Preview

A reference database of such profiles, such as the one being built by Gene LogicInc., can serve as a reference tool to tell good drug candidates from bad ones. Gene expression data will likely be used to predict the therapeutic outcome

7.Applied Mycology and Biotechnology: Fungal genomics – Page 287

George G. KhachatouriansDilip K. Arora – 2003 – 316 pages – Preview

By using large-scale gene expression profiling with Affymetrix GeneChip® microarrays on the analysis of clinical samples and drug-treated samples, Gene Logic, Inc. ( has built up a large database that i

8.Blood evidence: how DNA is revolutionizing the way we solve crimes – Page xxvi

Henry C. LeeFrank Tirnady – 2003 – 418 pages – Preview

 including Celera Genomics, Human Genome Sciences, and Gene Logic, Inc., not to mention The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), a not-for-profit institution, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.


Tohru InoueWilliam D. Pennie– 2003 – 228 pages – Snippet view

Currently Gene Logic has reference databases for liver and kidney toxicity. Reference databases for heart and other organ  A percentage of the rat samples represented in the ToxExpressTM Module are also evaluated using Gene Logic’s




1. Integrated Microfabricated Biodevices: Advanced Technologies for … – Page xi

Michael J. HellerAndras Guttman – 2002 – 456 pages – Preview

 Inc., San Diego, California Adam Steel Gene Logic, Incorporated, Gaithersburg, Maryland Paul Stratton Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California Steven W. Suljak Pennsylvania State University, University Park,

2. Advances in database technology–EDBT 2002: 8th International … – Page 727

Christian S. Jensen – 2002 – 776 pages – Preview

Incorporating these data into GeneExpress allows Gene Logic and customer data to be analyzed together using the same tools. The process of incorporating customer and other external data into GeneExpress requires data migration 

3. Standard and Poor’s guide to health care, pharmaceutical and …

2002 – 300 pages – Preview

Gene Logic Inc. 1998 Data as orig reptd; bef. results of disc opers/spec. items. Per share data adj. for stk. divs. Bold denotes diluted EPS (FASB 128)-prior periods restated. E-Estimated. NA-Not Available. NM-Not Meaningful

4. Advances in database technology–EDBT 2002: 8th International … – Page 727

Christian S. Jensen – 2002 – 776 pages – Preview

Incorporating these data into GeneExpress allows Gene Logic and customer data to be analyzed together using the same tools. The process of incorporating customer and other external data into GeneExpress requires data migration

5.Transgenic Plants and Crops – Page 19

George G. KhachatouriansAlan McHughenRalph Scorza – 2002 – 888 pages –Preview

Biochip technologies, such as those of Gene Logic (Gaithersburg, MD), have developed a porous glass chip with 1 million microchannels of 10-micrometer size running in three-dimensions to analyze complementary ribonucleic acid (cRNA) o

6. Short protocols in molecular biology: a compendium of methods from …: Volume 2

Frederick M. Ausubel – 2002 – Snippet view

 California Dyfed, United Kingdom John M. Greene Charles S. Hoffman James T. Kadonaga Gene Logic Boston College University of California Gaithersburg, Maryland Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts San Diego David Greenstein Diane Hollenbaugh ..




1. The biotech investor’s bible – Page 70

George Wolff – 2001 – 321 pages – Preview

Without question Gene Logic is an organization with extraordinary scientific and research abilities. Unlike many functional genomics companies, Gene Logicemploys a worldwide database of genomic information to produce highly specific

2. Intelligent systems report: ISR.: Volume 18, Issues 1-2

2001 – Snippet view

5 NeuralStem completes three-part genomics deal with Gene Logic, May/June, p. 4 Paradigm Genetics Inc. exceeds first milestone in Monsanto collaboration, May/June, p. 3-4 PE Biosystems and Oxford GlycoSciences announce proteomics 

3. Human development 01/02

Karen L. Freiberg– 2001 – 213 pages – Snippet view

Last year physicians approached the Maryland biotech company Gene Logic for guidance.  They went to Gene Logic because the company is one of a handful, along with California’s Affymetrix and Incyte, that have developed DNA-chip and 

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4.Rice genetics IV – Page 301

Gurdev S. KhushD. S. BrarBill Hardy – 2001 – 488 pages – Full view

Cross-database querying and display of text objects between INE and MaizeDB are being implemented using a Web-based object-oriented query system called the OPM (Object-Protocol Model) data management tools of Gene Logic Inc. These tools ..

5.Intellectual Property Righ(Sc) – Page 419

Ganguli – 2001 – 506 pages – Preview

Similarly, Gene Logic has developed databases that contain more than 50 million gene expression data points, a comprehensive survey of gene expression




1.Microarray biochip technology

Mark Schena– 2000 – 298 pages – Snippet view

The core of Gene Logic’s Accelerated Drug Discovery system is its proprietary READS® (Restriction Enzyme Analysis of  A schematic of how technologies converge in the Gene Logic drug discovery program is given in Figure 1 1 .

2. Bioinformatics – Page 54

S.k.agarwal – Preview

For example CuraGen (New Haven, CT) and Gene Logic (Gaithersburg, MD) market information on gene expression. Companies are also adding value to sequence data by creating high-value intellectual property like validated drug target.
2.  Competition in agriculture: the United States in the World Market – Page 301

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