Ring out 2021, RING In 2022

Ring out, wild bells, to a crazy 2021 that went by,

The alarming sound of the Covid waves,

The soothing sound of Vaccines as they came,

Ring out, the old health paradigm,

Ring in, the changing times.

Ring out, the constraints of healthcare,

The difficulty of genetic diagnostics,

The pain of understanding health records,

Ring out, Overspending on sickcare,

Ring in, The belief in Prevention.

Ring out, A single lab location in Hyderabad,

The challenge of a distant digital Mapmygenome,

The desire to see us closer to you,

Ring out, Only mail order genomic tests,

Ring in, labs in Delhi, Bangalore and more.

Ring out, only genomic tests,

The challenge of multiple labs for your health,

The ease of an integrated health score,

Biochemistry, genomics and more,

Ring out, going to many places,

Ring in, the integrated Mapmygenome.

Ring out, a slower and difficult to navigate website,

The agony of clicks galore,

The struggle to search for blogs and more,

Ring out, the old site that made you slog,

Ring in, a shiny new webstore and blog.

Ring out, a cozy little mapmygenome team,

The rapid expansion for 24 hour service,

The need to expand in multiple cities,

Ring out, Team in a city to nationally,

Ring in, a 300 people mapmygenome family.

Ring out, a steady and slow growth,

The labour of creating awareness,

The love of creating a market,

Ring out, the bounded strides,

Ring in, our unfurled hockeystick growth.

Ring out, the challenges of air travel amidst a pandemic,

The checks and balances nationally and internationally,

The pain to control an incorrigible virus,

Ring out, the lines and forms at airports,

Ring in, pre book and test quick at Hyderabad Airport.

Ring out, the ideology of diseases defining us,

The shadows of ill health when it strikes,

The fatalities that could be prevented,

Ring out, the idea that there is no cure,

Ring in, Prevention is the cure.

Ring out 2021, Ring in 2022

A Happy New Year to you.

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