At the turn of this century,
Gene Logic formed a consortium with many,
Pfizer, Wyeth, Astra Zeneca, Takeda and more,
They built a toxicogenomics reference database to assess risk before.

120 well-known human toxicants that aren’t mild,
over 14000 Affymetrix arrays were profiled ,
liver, Heart, Kidney and hepatocytes of rats,
along with canine tissue and human hepatocytes howzat!

Explored dosage, time and tissue effects,
Predictive models for liver and heart it reflects,
These were called ToxScreen Reports,
and validated through various labs and ports.

A decade later, they still see the value,
not one or two but 450 compounds I tell you,
we have serviced and done many rounds,
predicting toxicity in humans and rodents is found.

Not just Pharma in the corporate world,
Gene Logic has relationships with the regulatory world,
The FDA and the EPA use such data each day,
So compound and chemical safety can become a way.

The ToxExpress® System is used to characterize compounds,
to facilitate drug development in decision-making rounds,
Investigative, Predictive and Mechanistic Toxicology they say,
And in Safety Biomarker Discovery every day


To learn about our ToxExpress® System, please visit us at

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